College and Career Preparation

Mrs. Kunz, GJCS Career Counselor, works with GJCS Students when it comes to College and Career Preparation. Students work to create a Graduation Profile while they are in school. Additionally, they are made aware of different careers through national clusters. Students take assessments aligned with their interests, skills, personality and work values. The results from these assessments can help them pursue Career and Technical Education Clusters while attending Jasper High School. 

Career and Technical Education Clusters

  1. Agriculture
  2. Architecture and Construction 
  3. Arts, AV/Tech and Communications
  4. Business and Marketing 
  5. Education and Training 
  6. Health Science 
  7. Hospitality and Human Services
  8. Information Technology 
  9. Manufacturing and Logistics 
  10. Public Safety 
  11. STEM 
  12. Transportation 

Jasper High School Career and Technical Education Clusters

  1. Principles of Agriculture 
  2. Principles of Broadcasting 
  3. Principles of Digital Design 
  4. Principles of Business Management 
  5. Principles of Computing 
  6. Principles of Teaching 
  7. Principles of Human Services 
  8. Principles of Biomedical Sciences 
  9. Principles of Exercise Science 
  10. Principles of Engineering Design 
  11. Introduction to Engineering Design 
  12. Introduction to Transportation 
  13. Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics