Curriculum and Schedule


Curriculum All Jasper Middle School Students take English, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Band or Music. 

6th Grade - Computer Applications and Health 

7th Grade - Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) and Art

8th Grade - Engineering Essentials or Foreign Language


High School Credit ClassesAvailable during 8th Grade. 

Algebra 1, Honors 

Biology 1, Honors

Spanish 1 

French 1 

German 1

Engineering Essentials 

Preparation for College and Careers

Physical Education 

A student has the potential to leave JMS with 8 High School Credits.

Typical Schedule Each day is filled with seven periods. These periods include Math, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Health and Computer Applications/Physical Literacy, Physical Education, Music, Study Hall, Band. Additionally, students have a lunch period and have a Homeroom period each day. 

Example Schedule

Day/Period Term Course
Period 1 - M,F S1 Music
Period 1 - T, TH S1 P.E.
Period 1 - W S1 Study Hall
Period 2 - M - F S1 & S2 Math
Period 3 - M - F  S1 & S2 Social Studies
Period 4 - M - F S1 & S2 Language Arts
Period 5 - M - F S1 & S2 English
Period 6 - M,W S1 & S2 Health
Period 6 - T, TH S1 & S2 Computer Apps
Period 6 - F S1 & S2 Physical Lit
Period 7 - M - F S1 & S2 Science
Homeroom - M - F S1 & S2 Homeroom