Dress Code



Principles for good grooming and proper dress are necessary to set an atmosphere conducive to improving the learning situation.  It is primarily the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children are applying these principles.  The guidelines listed are not to imply that this is the complete list and may include any item deemed inappropriate and/or in bad taste by the school administration.  If a student/parent/guardian has a question about a particular item, please contact the school administration BEFORE wearing the item


  1. Clothing, jewelry, or any article that advertises alcohol or tobacco, promotes drug usage, has obscenities, is sexually explicit, or has sexual implications is not permitted.

  2. Shorts are not permitted.

  3. Leggings and/or yoga pants must be covered by a shirt, dress, or garment that is fingertip length

  4. Chains hanging from pants or clothing and excessively large metal necklaces are not permitted.  Bracelets or necklaces with spikes are not permitted.

  5. Pierced jewelry in parts of the body other than ears is not allowed.

  6. Pants shall be worn at the waist with bottom hem diameter no larger than the size of the student's proper shoe size. Pants may not drag the floor and may not be torn or ragged.

  7. Shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulders and under arms.

  8. Coats and jackets should be stored in the student’s locker during the school day. 

  9. Hats/caps, bandannas, sunglasses, and headwear are not permitted.  Hoods may not cover any part of the head during the school day.

  10. Tattoos must be covered at all times. Writing on the skin is not permitted.

  11. Skirts may be worn, but must be knee length or longer.

  12. For safety reasons, shoes that have a back to them must be worn at all times.  Plastic or rubber “flip-flops” are not appropriate for school.

  13. Bags and backpacks may be carried to and from school and to 8th period only.

  14. Any clothing or appearance (including hair, makeup, jewelry, nails, etc…) that is deemed to be distracting to the learning process may be subject to discipline.

  15. No gum or candy allowed in the building unless permitted by a faculty or staff member

The administration reserves the right to use other situations of distraction or issues of safety to disallow items in these categories as needed.